Our service

Foreign technical expert, interpreter,
tranlator of dispatch

Provide highly skilled of foreign technical experts


・The 2nd-year of student department of science or guaduated. Male and female 20-30 ages

・Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N2

Kinds of visas

・Engineer・Specialist in Humanities・International Sevices

Period of stay

・5years,3years,1 year or 3 months


Receive numbers & Occupations

・No limit of numbers and occupations

Flow until dispatch

Specified skilled No.1

April 1,2019 a new status of residence has been created.
This is a status of residence applicable to foreign nationals
who work in jobs that require considerable knowledge of
experience in Specified Industry Fields.

Specified skilled No.1 of points

・Period of stay : 1 year, 6 months, 4 months…newed annually for a maximum stay up to 5 years in total

・Skill Standars: confirmed by exams.. (those who have successfully completed Technical Intern Traning are exempt from exam, etc)

・Japanese Language Level: Proficiency in Japanese language required in daily life and at workplace need to be confirmed by exams(those who have successfully completed Technical Intern Training are exempt from exams)

・Accompanied by family members: Basically not permitted


・Can enter Japan at once when receiving of Status of residence

・Work fulltime

・Daily Japanese communication

・Have a certain level of expertise and skill, can begin work immediatelly

・Living near the working place so easy to manage


・Have language and cultural barriers

・Maximum stay up to 5 years in total.

・Job transferable

Visa of specified skilled worker

Register supporting organization 19登-001842
We provide free recruitment for those who obtain international student visa and specified skilled worker visa. Company support clients on visa process’ interview and paperwork.Company also support to change visa type and related paperwork after worker are recruited.

Flow until dispatch